Bride getting ready with her hair and makeup artist while two junior bridesmaids watch
Father of the bride crying during the ceremony with a bright red, rose boutonnière
Groomsmen throwing up the bride in her wedding dress
Bride crying and wiping her tears with a tissue while the officiant and the groom look at her during the wedding ceremony vows at Tohono Chul wedding venue in Tucson, Arizona
Bride and Groom in the Southern Arizona desert at sunset with the saguaros in the background
Wedding guests playing the piano during the wedding reception
Bride during getting ready with the setting spray about to hit her face.
Bridesmaid during getting ready with the makeup artist and the junior bridesmaid holding the mirror and the bridesmaid's reflection is in the mirror.
Bride and groom sitting at the end of a dock at Hidden Lake in Buckeye, Arizona
Father of the bride reading a letter from his daughter before the wedding ceremony at the Phoenix Art Museum
Bride getting ready with her daughter while putting her makeup on
Bride watching her friends helping to create her bouquet for her wedding during the bouquet buffet at a home in Tucson, Arizona
Bride and bridesmaid in the bridal suite tent at Hidden Lake venue in Buckeye, Arizona
Bride and maid of honor dancing during the wedding reception
Four groomsmen in tuxedos standing at the alter during the wedding ceremony while their best friend gets married to his bride, with cypress trees in the background
Bride getting her makeup done in her bedroom
Emotional moment of bride, groom and best man crying at the wedding party table
Bridesmaid with a tattoo on her left leg sitting down with her high heels flat on the ground because her feet hurt.
Brides on their wedding day with a beam of light going across one bride's face while the other is a silhouette
bridesmaid and mother of the bride getting their hair and makeup done in the family living room, and the hair stylist is spraying the hair spray in the air
Groom is trying to help his bride get a snagged thread, that is tangled in her foot, off of her.
Couple laughing at the altar during their asl wedding vows at El Pais Motel in Tucson, Arizona
Bridesmaid and husband in a beautiful warm hug on the dance floor during the wedding reception
The groom writes his vows in the background while a pondering statue is in the foreground almost mimicking the groom.
Two junior bridesmaids - one is smelling a flower and the other is holding a parasol, with cypress trees off to the left side of the photograph
Couple signing I love you to their wedding guests during their wedding speeches at El Pais Motel in Tucson, Arizona
The bride dancing with her father while she is looking at the other bride is hugging her father on the dancefloor
Two brides holding hands at the alter during their wedding ceremony with the hands of the officiant are in the background
Couple relaxing in between family formals at El Pais Motel in Tucson, Arizona.
Wedding guests facing away from the camera with their arms wrapped around each other.


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