Moment-focused Wedding Photographer
Proudly Serving All
Lovers, Genders, Races, Disabilities, Sexual Orientations, and Skin Colors
in Tucson, Phoenix, and all of Southern Arizona.

Refreshingly honest.

Groom in his tuxedo is holding the bride’s bouquet in his left hand and a bottle of jack daniel’s in the crease of his elbow while using his pinky on his right hand to pick out a piece of food from the bride’s teeth as she stands facing him with her mouth slightly open.
Because future generations should get to experience the weird shit you and your partner do.
Because those simple gestures, that seem like “insignificant moments”, should be immortalized so you can appreciate them later.
Bride laughing while bridesmaids are helping her with her dress and other bridesmaid trying to pick up a crying toddler on Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona

Because you think there is “nothing going on”, but I am seeing your story with an unbiased curiosity and I will be inspired by it.

Black and white photo of a bride coming down the aisle, you cannot see her face (being walked down with her mother and father, who are out of the frame). She is walking toward her fiancée/husband who has an emotional look on his face as he stares at his bride to be. The groom’s best man (in sunglasses) and the officiant are in the background. Groom is wearing a white tuxedo jacket with a black bow tie and a black pocket square in the left pocket. Photo taken in Glendale, Arizona at a private residence.

Because those overlooked moment will be noticed and will be preserved forever.

I will be there to tell the
because your story is
all that matters.

Seeking those uniquely
delicious, finger-licking moments
of your day so you can relive those
Vibrant Slices of Time.


Hiya! I’m Angie, my pronouns are she/her. I am the owner and lead photographer of CandidSol Wedding Photography in Arizona.

First off, I want everyone to get along and I want to support people to be comfortable with who they are. With that being said, if you are not interested in letting people be who they are and marry whoever the fuck they want then we cannot be friends. I am an Enneagram type 9 (The Peacemaker), yes, but I am also a big believer in boundaries. If we can respect each other, we will go far.

Lover of lizards, Travel, Chipotle, and Dogs (which, fingers crossed, are a part of your wedding day.)

After 14 years of photographing Tucson and Arizona weddings, I have yet to experience a wedding day story that didn’t make me laugh, cry, and leave happy and fulfilled — all in a day’s work.

Whether you are having a backyard DIY wedding or a luxury wedding, I strive to capture those feelings and moments of your wedding day because there will never be another wedding quite like yours.

I am always observing what is going on. I am a wedding day ninja. Even in the crazy Arizona heat, I take being everywhere VERY seriously because I am committed to being your eyes on the day. Because your day and your legacy means something to me.
Owner and Photographer of CandidSol at her vow renewal in Paris, France. Bride and groom are running at the Trocadero with smiles on their faces.

There to memorialize the weird shit.

There to memorialize the moment when two people meet for the first time.

There to memorialize the moment when two people meet for the first time.

Capturing the Real Story.

You know, the moment when…

A couple becomes a family.

The "I Do Crew" gets the party started.

Your sister is there to (literally) dry your tears.

Bboy spinning on his head during the seven to smoke battle at the the bird city cypher competition in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Your adopted and biological fathers steal the show with a dance.


Never Trendy.

Your photos will never be outdated because CandidSol does not do trends.

It’s not about the style of your photos that are cool. Let’s show the real you and not what everyone else is doing. Your photos will never be preplanned. You hired CandidSol to capture the story how it is and not how you are posed.

Weddings will have unexpected moments.

Embrace the Unexpected and let CandidSol preserve them.


Preserve Your Wedding Memories

Preserving your Arizona wedding memories is just as important as the moment itself because the second moment passes you, it’s gone forever. Did you hear me? FOREVER! That is, unless you preserve it.

Your photographs matter because your memories matter.

This is why I include an album with the CandidSol photography package – to make sure those memories are preserved. Forever.

Black and white photo taken at a private residence in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Close up of a bride and groom in an intimate moment. Bride has her eyes closed, her nose is resting on the groom’s chin during the first look. His right hand is caressing her back. She has long diamond earrings on and a floral hair piece on the left side of her hair.

You being you is way more interesting than I could ever pose – so I don’t.


Starting Your Legacy.

We’ll start with a custom wedding album.

Your album leaves a legacy to your loved ones and future generations – showing how much you loved, how much you laughed, and how much you cared to encapsulate this wedding day for them.

Your wedding photos should evoke that raw emotion so you can relive those truly raw & truly real moments every time you look through you wedding album.

I am proud to be an
inclusive photographer who celebrates love.
Please let me know how I can
create a safe space for you and your partner
on your wedding day.