Let's Be Refreshingly Honest.

My name is Angie. My pronouns are she/her.

I would like to start my introduction by saying that I want everyone to get along and I want to support people to be comfortable with who they are. If you are not interested in letting people be who they are and get married to whomever the fuck they want to, then we cannot be friends.

Now, Let's Proceed, Friend...

In high school, I was known by my friends as the “sober friend. Because I did not drink, do drugs, or give into those temptations and peer pressure, I spent many nights at home alone or chilling with my parents. The school I went to was predominately white, so growing up was quite unique and my Hispanic heritage was pretty much non-existent. But let’s be clear, I am a proud Latina and I continue my journey of understanding my heritage. 

I grew up always knowing I was adopted, so the idea of blood being thicker than water does not resonate with me. I never truly felt like I fit in anywhere and often felt overlooked. Although, emo/screamo concerts were the place where I felt most comfortable being and expressing myself. All of these things combined, gave me this feeling of being a “black sheep,” in both my life and my family. These misplaced and misunderstood feelings were difficult to understand at times.

After much reflection, what I learned from those years is that overlooked people and overlooked moments are what I find most interesting.


When I go for walks through the desert with my husband, for us, it’s not about how many miles we walk or even about reaching a destination – we genuinely love the sights, sounds, and characters of the deserts so much that we unhurriedly embrace them. Naturally, for me, it’s about the journey and seeing the beauty in what others may overlook and walk right past.

Misunderstood People are My People.

Much Like How I See People And Moments at a Wedding - Unhurriedly.

It’s always interesting to hear people say something to the effect of, “During [the reception], there will be nothing going on, so you can take a break.”When, to me, I am hearing, “During [the reception], I will be enjoying my friends and family as I typically do,” and that is my cue to peak my curiosity to find the beauty and uniqueness in your relationships. To see those small gestures that may go overlooked.

I am not Looking for Pretty, I am looking for Overlooked.

Your wedding day is a day to let go of the

fears of the outside world

and have the wedding day of your dreams.

I will be there to see

your love story – 

between you, your partner, and your guests

from a completely HONEST, non-judgmental,

and loving view.

Fun Fact:

I am a full-time probate paralegal. Monday-Friday. I assist people, who are dealing with the death of a loved one, to administer their estate and help guide them through a difficult time. This process dealing with such a painful emotion while simultaneously dealing with the probate process can take a major toll on someone, and I take great pride in being their support to help them through.

Being Supportive is the Way I Show Love.

I am an unapologetically honest person who is genuine and empathetic. Those around me know not to ask for my opinion unless they want an honest answer, but know the answer is always coming from a place of love.

I always want to come from a place of love and passion, and I photograph weddings because the passion I feel for the individual stories that unfold on a wedding day fuel my passion. Your story will be the thing that inspires me. Your story is the one I want to tell, so I can immortalize this momentous day for you, your loved ones, and the future loved ones that you have not even met yet (because they too, will want to experience your wedding as if they were there).

Random Ass Facts About Me:

I have four dogs, and my husband and I also foster dogs. We LOVE dogs!

I am obsessed with light and I swear I see in black and white.

Nothing beats a good road trip. (My favorite so far has been through Scotland).

Lizards are my spirit animal.

I love photographing passionate muralists.

Favorite Movies

Jojo Rabbit
Fools Rush In
Clockwork Orange